It’s been an interesting week made all the more entertaining by failing to proceed at a major road junction.

However, without the assistance of a gentleman who actually bothered to get out of his car and help a middle aged, overweight driver push tonnes of XJ Jaguar several hundred yards, I might still be there.

Quite a few drivers drove snootily past, but he hopped out and pushed the boot as I dug my shoulder into an A-pillar and steered towards a Homebase car park.

There a builder jumped out of his van and pitched in and finally I sort of parked across several spaces and sat inside whilst the heavens opened. It took more than three hours to be recovered but I needed that myself to recover from all that exercise.

Living next to a major arterial road into London, our house is a magnet for distressed drivers. We provide plenty of water and a telephone to call for help and on one memorable occasion my dad took a driver to A&E after he had stupidly decanted a red-hot radiator cap.

So I am always keen to help and like to think that automotive karma kicks in on the occasions that a car of mine may fail to proceed.

I remember my dad telling me that a national newspaper used to run a ‘Knights of the Road’ section where they celebrated a motorist who helped another in some wonderful way.

So in this usually nasty, cynical and unpleasant world in which we live it would be nice if we could re-introduce the concept.

Autocar Knights of the Road sounds very good to me. Is there anyone you would like to nominate for helping you to get out of a tight automotive spot? Or we you the Knight in question who went above and beyond?