Last weekend I discovered my new favourite weekend hobby: green laning.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, here’s a succinct synopsis borrowed from, a dedicated website: ‘a hobby involving the driving of vehicles on the public highway. This is no different than the daily activity of every other motorist, however, it is just that the 'Green Laner' chooses to drive generally on unsurfaced roads.’

To get started, here are the things you’ll need:

1) A 4x4 – locking diffs help, but aren’t essential. The same goes for off-road tyres. If you’re after something cheap for the weekend, take a look at this Vauxhall Frontera, which comes with a 12-month ticket. If that won’t do, this purpose-built Land Rover Discovery is more than up for the job.

2) An OS map – green laning websites mark permitted driving routes with grid references. Here’s a good example.

3) Wellies and tow rope, especially if it has rained recently.