As you may have noticed, the price of fuel is on the up. Obviously the knee-jerk reaction is to burn some sheep, organise an ineffectual ‘Don’t Drive Day’, or just sigh heavily. However, I have resolved to do something practical about it this time.

Previously I have got huffy and joined the Battery Vehicle Society a few times. I also looked into those on-board hydrodgen plants that cost £500, and those rather cheaper jam jar based ones that probably start to corrode your manifold and cylinder heads prematurely. Yes, I even read up about those daft magnets. Indeed, I was with a mechanic the other day when he found some on a E39 525i, and he couldn’t stop laughing.

Petrol prices set for record high

So although I am tempted to buy a cheap light car like the Perodua Nippa, make it lighter then reprogramme the ECU, put pizza plate hubcaps on and a teardrop tail, what I would really like to do is just convert an existing petrol engine so that I can drive a car I actually like.

Methane comes to mind and so does alcohol. Just like with LPG you start with a smidgen of petrol and then switch over to the homemade stuff.

The point is I could make methane (cue joke) and alcohol, just like the southern state moonshiners. Then there is just the small issue of Revenue and Customs to contend with.

As you are all so clever, what do you think I should do?

And aside from chip fat and bulk buying cooking oil at Asda, any other bright ideas?

I’ll junk the six-pot if you can convince me that your steam-powered compressed air hybrid will do the business.