I have been here before when it comes to music, being the last man on earth to listen to cassettes in a moving vehicle. Well, it seems I may also be one of the remaining few to still be loading up CDs in the boot.

The other day I was with a motor trader just a few years north of me who could not believe that magazine car reviews features grown men moaning about the fact that they can’t hook up their iPods to the hatch they are driving.

Well never mind an MPV, I don’t actually own an MP3, so I agreed that it was a bit silly especially when you can get a Sky Tronic Cassette adapter device which will allow an MP3 to be played through the Harmon Kardon. Very useful when younger Rupperts are on board.

What I hate though is the skippability of it all. Albums were recorded to be listened to in their entirety. I find MP3ers just jump from track to track and also flip between radio stations.

Although as I write this I have gone from The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary to X-Ray Specs Germ Free Adolescents and on to Dr Feelgoods Twenty Yards Behind (all played in their entirety I might add and on CD). I do have eclectic musical tastes, which may be best served by digital music, but really I am happy to stay with an album during one of my epic journeys.