My blog profile will have to change now because I no longer have a Bantam in the house. And no, that’s not a chicken. The arrival of a new piece of household furniture has meant that the old BSA had to be moved, outside.

Obviously it should be living in the garage, or more realistically parked outside a terraced house prior to getting a jobbing printer to work at some time in the 1950s.

Now I have the worst record when it comes to restorations. I was respraying bits of the Bantam back in the 1970s when my dear Mum pointed out that there was the outline of a motorcycle fuel tank on the rug in my bedroom.

The presence of a motorcycle in my hallway has been an interesting conversation piece for middle-class soirees I often hold, but I reckon its absence could cause even more of an impact. I should of course be topping it up with two stroke and hitting the road, except that the D1 engine is in its component parts.