My blog profile will have to change now because I no longer have a Bantam in the house. And no, that’s not a chicken. The arrival of a new piece of household furniture has meant that the old BSA had to be moved, outside.

Obviously it should be living in the garage, or more realistically parked outside a terraced house prior to getting a jobbing printer to work at some time in the 1950s.

Now I have the worst record when it comes to restorations. I was respraying bits of the Bantam back in the 1970s when my dear Mum pointed out that there was the outline of a motorcycle fuel tank on the rug in my bedroom.

The presence of a motorcycle in my hallway has been an interesting conversation piece for middle-class soirees I often hold, but I reckon its absence could cause even more of an impact. I should of course be topping it up with two stroke and hitting the road, except that the D1 engine is in its component parts.

To my family’s credit they do actually miss the bike and we have been pacing out the area where it could be relocated inside.

So  I wondered what automotive bits you still had indoors, or had seen indoors. A fully functioning motorbike in a hallway is not that unusual and I believe John Madejski had a glass wall into his garage so he could see the wonders inside his garage, such as a Ferrari 328 and Jaguar XJ220. Any Autocar readers do the same?

Late breaking news: the Bantam is coming back indoors... I think.