Nissan has lost its marbles. That was my instant reaction when I first heard about the faster, lighter, even more hardcore but massively more expensive version of the GT-R.

R35_501 Forgive me for sounding like a dried up old fart, but isn’t the GT-R already pretty hardcore as it is?

Isn’t it, in fact, quicker than a 911 GT2 around the Nurburgring? It depends who you believe on that one, but what’s not in any doubt is that it can murder a regular 911 Turbo on any road, in any conditions and in virtually anyone’s hands.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a fan of the lighter is faster is better society as the next man (unless the next man happens to be wearing a big flowery shirt and has the name Gordon Murray written beneath his passport photo). But what I’m not especially enamoured with is the fact that Nissan thinks it can charge TWICE as much for the Spec V GT-R as the regular model when, on paper, the car is little more than a parts bin special.

Look at the raw ingredients if you don’t believe me. For an extra 56 grand - making £112k in total, ouch - all you get is another 15lb ft under the bonnet but no more power, a pair of lightweight racing seats, carbon ceramic brake discs, a warbly exhaust and even sillier, sorry stiffer, suspension.