It’s been a strong week for Britain in the Autocar car park. You already know about our bright orange Ginetta G40 long termer, but on Wednesday, our tarmac was also graced by a green Caterham Supersport and red Morgan Threewheeler.

The view from our second-floor window was something to behold and represented the most novel clutch of cars I’ve ever seen in such close proximity.

The eagle-eyed will notice the Mercedes SL280

Now I’ve already driven our pre-production Ginetta and happen to think, like Vicky Parrott, that it’s bloody marvellous; despite getting wet feet from underneath when it rains.

I was also lucky enough to take the Caterham home last night. Having never driven one before, you can understand how blown away I was by the monumental acceleration (0-60mph in 4.9sec), aural drama and blisteringly direct steering. Not bad for a car (okay, kit car) that costs £20k ready made…