I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to auctioneers recently. Not ones who sell houses, but the classic car variety. They see a lot of stuff pass their way and are best placed to judge what are likely to be the next big things.

Obviously, if you get in on the ground floor and buy something you like, always crucial of course, then you can use it for a decade or so as a frontline vehicle. When it needs a rest, then you can stick it in the garage and all of sudden, unlike most normal cars, it turns into an investment. That is sort of how you know you own or drive a classic.

I notice that those lovely people at British Car Auctions have recently put together a speculative listing of what may be hot in the future. Their top five are as follows.

MiniToo big and too BMW for me, but what do I know? I actually agree that a vehicle which has utterly refused to depreciate very much is a good bet for the future. Cabriolets, Countrymen and JCWs will all do well. I just won’t have one. VW Beetle Cabriolets will prosper, I’d like to think that a V5 has a place, but personally I am fairly cool about these. I can’t see beyond the Golf in a frock jibe. Citroen C3 Pluriel I dunno really. I once drove past a dealership where a secondhand one was being de-roofed and an hour later when I drove the other way, the same people were still fiddling with it. The latest DS’s may have a place in our hearts, possibly. Mazda RX-8 There is nothing not to like about this mad and weird sports car. Buy while stocks last.