Spent a very sunny Saturday mixing with the automotive gentry and disarmingly amiable paddock occupants at Prescott’s end of term Autumn Classic hillclimb.

It’s a stunning little venue, tucked away on a hillside (well, it would have to be, wouldn’t it?) in an almost sickeningly picturesque and leafy part of the Cotswolds. I even got to strut around in racing overalls, pretending I knew what I was doing, as a guest driver courtesy of Abarth UK.

The good and kind people at Abarth invited Autocar to compete in a sprint event at Goodwood back in April, in a brace of Grande Punto Abarths. Presumably because I didn’t crash and didn’t use very much petrol first time round – it certainly wasn’t because of my driving ability – I was invited back for another go, this time in a real, actual hillclimb.

Once again, Abarth UK was using the event to prove the point that its really rather tasty cars – in this case the Grande Punto and the little 500 Abarth – can be driven to a motorsport event, competed in, and then driven home again. And that’s precisely what happened.

Of course a spanner could have been thrown in the works had anyone headed off-piste and crashed, but fortunately none of the day’s invitees even entertained the idea of doing anything so silly.