The most significant car of the decade can only be the Ford Focus. It is to the car industry what the potato is to cookery - flexible, good at everything and everywhere you look.

More importantly, though it can be boring simply through over-familiarity, it always has the potential to be enjoyable (chips, anyone?).

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Even in its most basic guise the Focus is a good car that can be driven with spirit and it will deliver, but if you add the right ingredients it can be one of the most desirable cars on the market; the Ford Focus RS.

The Focus RS is the supercar of choice for those people who live in the real world and want a performance car that they can commute in, do the shopping in and go on holiday in. A car that is this eagerly anticipated can often be a disappointment, but the RS lived up to the hype and has set a new benchmark for front-wheel drive performance.

And let’s not forget the Focus ST. Too often overlooked in the wake of the RS, the ST is still one of the fastest and most involving hot hatches in its class despite the introduction of a new VW Golf GTi and Honda Civic Type R.