We’ve always called it the Eagle, but now it looks like the production version of Lotus’ all-new 2+2 sports car will have a different name when its launched at the London motor show in a few weeks time.

So what's it going to be called?

I'd be amazed if Lotus abandoned its modern naming nomenclature (Esprit, Elise, Exige, Europa etc) so I reckon we're in for another punchy word beginning with ‘E’. That leaves us with this short list.

Good start. But the real clue comes from a weird viral advertising campaign called ‘the faceless people’, which Lotus won’t admit it has anything to do with, even though we know it does.

The big-font strap line on www.facelesspeople.com, the campaign’s website, is ‘True Character will emerge in...’ with a countdown clock to the British motor show. Now, 'true character' roughly defined means ‘Ethos’.