Good news that Ferrari managed to still post a sales increase in 2008. But I'll be amazed if it repeats the trick in 2009.So far Ferrari has been one of the few luxury car-makers to even admit that the global economic meltdown if having an effect. No wonder if it posted these record sales last year. Yet we are hearing rumours - and they're just rumours - that not everything is still rosy at Maranello. You generally have to wait two years to get a new Ferrari but now there are whispers of some unsold cars and we are hearing about customers cancelling orders for the new California. You may remember that it is the California that the company planned to use to radically increase its sale - maybe as much as 10,000 per year. Maybe it is going to have to scale back its ambitions? After all, in the UK at least, you'd have to imagine sales of a car like this being financed by city bonuses.Surely even Ferrari can't escape what every other car-maker is currently facing up to?