My recent trip to the Pebble Beach week in California and a trip to the nearby Chelsea Auto Legends made me think hard about the way the classic car movement is heading.  

Some years ago, I went on a rare trip to a well known hillclimb. Parked up at the back on the event was a Jaguar C-type, unpolished, original and almost carelessly abandoned. I was greatly impressed by such an effortless display of taste and style. My fellow race-goer took a picture and framed it for me as a Christmas present. 

I remember another Sunday lunchtime in Hertfordshire, when I was riding in the passenger seat of an original 1973 Porsche 911 RS Touring. We came upon the owner’s friend, who was driving his original, unpolished AC Ace. Okay, even a decade ago these were not cheap cars, but they were the epitome of automotive good taste.