Fascinating to see that Volkswagen is bringing back the Golf cabrio - complete with a traditional cloth roof.

Obviously VW big cheeses won't admit it but this surely means that the axe will fall on the folding metal-roofed Eos; Professor Winterkorn is not a fan we hear.

One question this also throws up is whether that breed of coupe-cabriolet typified by the Peugeots and Renaults is heading for the dustbin too? After all, when makers are struggling to keep weights down does it really make sense for cars to have several hundred kilos worth of roof gubbins added to them?

What's more we have always had the anomaly that proper posh convertibles had clung onto a cloth roof, witness the Aston, BMW and Bentley soft-tops.

Personally, the only metal roofed open-tops I've ever really liked are the Merc SLs and SLKs. The only ones that don't feel compromised either for the way they drive or the way they look.

On that note BMW 3-series cabrio customers are apparently being turned off because with the metal hood up it looks just like the less glamourous coupe. And many buy a soft-top to be seen in after all.