Last week was one for our friend electric. There was the official launch of the Leaf, which I regard as expensive and irrelevant. Ditto the Tesla which is going to be humming its way through the High Court very soon.

Personally, I reckon that the very best use of an electric motor is to power a folding roof of some kind.

So now that spring has sprung, which drop tops will you be looking at? If any. I say damn the fuel crisis, lets have fun while we can and drive towards Armageddon with the roof down.

I did see an MX5 last week with the rustiest wheel arches this side of an old MGB but it still fetched over a grand, which was amusing. Suggesting the world’s favourite Mazda is far too obvious, as there are also other groovy little roadsters worthy of our used car attention.

Kit Car Caterhams, or even real Caterhams if you can afford them. They make the Tiger model not far from me and I have always thought that they were really nice. MGFs may blow head gaskets, but they are incredible value and it’s got the engine just over your shoulder and is cheaper than a Toyota MR2.

None of those have powered roofs, so a bit of weight and a CC suffix or two brings the ridiculous Daihatsu Copen into view. However, I do like the scaled up version in the shape of the TT Roadster.