It’s been a week since the blizzards hit and I was just wondering how we all got on?

I would like to think that we have learnt something about how to behave in sub-zero conditions over the last few years, but in my neck of the wintry woods its been quite alarming on occasions.

When the snow first hit, instead of being snuggled up next to a warm copy of Autocar, I had to go out and about to run a few errands and needed seats, so it was the Discovery I took with me. Despite the fairly heavy snow and ungritted roads near me, there were several occasions when I was tailgated. Also a Renault Laguna suicide pilot overtook on a main road - which was still quite icy - at 60mph.

Well you may say it is OK for me in my school run 4x4, but it was interesting to chat to a Toyota Rav4 owner who was horrified that his 4x4 was only part time; unless he travelled at a few miles an hour and pressed a button. He didn’t appreciate the cleverness of a system that would deliver traction where it was needed. More to the point he didn’t appreciate the fact that the most important thing you can do is drive according to the conditions - avoid sudden acceleration, braking and steering, keep your distance, and you ought to be fine.