Welcome back to the DAFTAs.

Disappointing announcement of the week; Toyota’s FT-86 won’t be with us until at least 2013.


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Most suspiciously honest journo of the week; Peter Cheney from Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper

Mr Cheney apparently borrowed a 911 Turbo from Porsche, and then for some strange reason handed the keys to his teenage son, who promptly lunched it straight into a garage door. Mr Cheney then wrote about the incident in his newspaper.

This is either refreshingly honest behaviour on Mr Cheney’s behalf, or a somewhat twisted way of securing column inches. Either way, no particular harm was done, other than to Mr Cheney’s insurance policy. And, of course, to his garage door.

See Steve driving the Porsche 911 Turbo

Failure to realise that no one got hurt and so can we now just move on and forget about it – of the week; Melbourne Magistrates

The authorities in Melbourne just won’t let it rest, it seems, and are expecting Lewis Hamilton to appear in person on August 24 – just five days before the Belgian GP – because of the smokie he did outside Albert Park.

Funny thing is, Lewis is officially accused of “intentionally losing control of a vehicle.” Which seems a bit weird, not to mention plain inaccurate, given that all Lewis did was light the tyres up for a second or two outside the circuit gates. It’s hardly a 185mph tank slapper across Sydney bridge we’re talking about, after all.

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Well done chaps, carry on, that’s actually a rather marvellous achievement – of the week; Radical makes its 1000th car

I’m being serious about this particular DAFTA. Mick Hyde (the boss at Radical) you deserve all the luck you can get, matey. And can I please have a go in one of your lovely cars at Le Mans this year please, thank you…

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Is it really so difficult to play by the rules – of the week; Flavio Briatore (again) who has been accused of owing up to £3.5 million in unpaid taxes

Flav, mate, is there any chance whatsoever that you could toe the line every once in a while – for maybe a week or so, say, or perhaps just every third Tuesday of the month? No? Oh alright then, don’t worry. It’s all going to end in tears, though; don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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Poser of the week; Zoe Renault

23-year-old Parisian Zoe Renault has hired a team of lawyers to try to persuade Renault, the car company, to change the name of its new electric car, the Zoe, to something else. The Renault Zoe is due to be launched in two years time, but if Zoe Renault gets her way it won’t be named in that way. And in the meantime Zoe’s lawyers will get fatter and richer.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what Renault should call its new car, or, alternatively, what Miss Renault could change her name to as of 2012?

Read more on the pressure on Renault to drop the Zoe name Most touching mano-e-mano moment of the week; Luca di Montezemolo admits he misses Michael

It’s no secret that LDM was deeply unchuffed when Michael Schumacher signed for Mercedes GP, but now he admits that life just isn’t the same without his favourite German racing driver around.

“A few days ago I was tempted to call him to ask him to play football for us in a charity match” said LDM. “But as the team carries the Ferrari name, so I avoided it.”

One-two-three, ahhhhhhhh.

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