The DAFTAs for this week are;

Correct me if I’m wrong but who asked you for your opinion – of the week; Flavio Briatore spouts publicly about the future of F1.

Flav apparently gave an interview to Autosprint magazine this week, in which he lambasted his former business, claiming that it needs fixing if it is to offer a better show in future.

"F1 is very confused at the moment," said Mr Briatore. "There will be a push to change things because the way it is now, I don’t see it having a big future. The problem is a bit with everything; the lack of spectacle and unpredictability in normal conditions."

Is this not the same Flavio Briatore who was banned by the FIA from F1 for life for cheating at the Singapore GP in 2008, or am I just imagining things? If I’m somehow mistaken, well, then I’m terribly sorry about that Flav, I must have been hallucinating or something and got the wrong man. If that’s the case then carry on, don’t mind me – and the very best of luck with the new Parmalat contract.