Spent an interesting couple of hours yesterday morning scrutinising the Lexus NX, the Japanese manufacturer's new mid-sized SUV which is pitched against the likes of the BMW X3 and Range Rover Evoque.

As we were shown around the car, one rather tangental snippet of information jumped out at me. It turns out that UK buyers of the Lexus NX will get slightly less boot space, although there is a very good reason. Their cars will have a space saver tyre included as standard instead of the more compact tyre repair kit that some other markets will get.

Here at Autocar we get a regular stream of correspondence from readers who are frustrated, and in some cases baffled, by the disappearance of full-size spare wheels from the boots of new cars on the market. 

Many consumers, it seems, don't trust tyre repair kits, or have had a bad experience where a severe blow-out has rendered the kit absolutely useless. Some readers tell us that the lack of any kind of spare has prompted them to walk away from a sale in a dealership.

A Lexus spokesman said: "In our experience, UK customers definitely prefer a space saver spare wheel to a tyre repair kit, so we've selected that. For some people it is an absolute deal-breaker. In fact, some fleets have a duty of care obligation to provide one.