I was appalled to learn last week that Citroën UK and Facebook have collaborated to create an 'app' for a 'crowdsourced' new Citroën C1. Two terrible new words there which tell you everything about the times we live in and absolutely nothing about what they mean.

Effectively it is members of the public being invited to choose the features they want on the car with the most popular version put into production. The good bit is that you can win a C1 Connexion special edition.

They have not really gone far enough with this power to the people thing though, as all we can suggest are colours and alloys and cosmetic bits like that, when what we might well want is a C1 that can hover ten feet in the air while we do our shopping.

I’m not sure asking ordinary people what they think is a good idea as they always give the wrong answer or would never have the imagination to think of the DS, CX or GS for that matter.

So I just wondered that if you could tell a manufacturer what to make, just for you, would it be a speedster Mini with no windscreen and a fizzy, revvy, peppy, bike engine perhaps? Oh, and a central driving position too.

Never mind crowdsourcing, or outsourcing to China, let's all gather round and ask Colin Goodwin to write to a manufacturer and ask them to make... what exactly?