Anyone else collect those Shell points? Are you a ‘proud’ member of the Shell Driver’s Club? I am. And I have to admit that I even preferred filling up with Shell just so that I could swipe my yellow card and ‘collect benefits’.

Or I did until I found out what those benefits are. I’ve now accumulated 10,000 points and so they’re sending me a £50 fuel voucher. Not bad eh? Until you work out what I’ve spent to get my free tank of fuel. 10,000 points means 10,000 litres of fuel: or ten grand at current prices. Assuming I've averaged 30mpg, that means driving 65,000 miles – taking about three years for the average driver. That £50 quid voucher doesn’t sound quite so generous now, does it?

I reckon I could have saved 2p a litre simply by filling up at the cheapest station, and doing so would have saved me a much more attractive £200 over that time. So it’s cheap supermarket fuel for me from now on.

Chas Hallett

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