Most of the time, most of Jeremy Clarkson’s jokes are very very funny indeed.

140606mph Which is why so many of us tune in and enjoy what happens on BBC 2 at eight o'clock on a Sunday night. It’s also why he remains one of the sharpest, most amusing column writers of the era.

But I’m fed up with him sticking the knife into soft targets, then turning round and asking us not to shoot the messenger because the poor old messenger is only doing his job.

I’m thinking specifically about the kickings he’s administered recently to the Tesla Roadster and Ford Ka, both of which we’ve driven recently and neither of which are anything like as bad as JC has suggested.

His Ford Ka spanking in this week’s Sunday times is less irritating because Ford will get over it, but the outright slagging he dished out to the Tesla a week or two back was far more annoying. And potentially far more damaging.

356x236Tesla2-wClarkson could actually have done enough to single-handedly put Tesla out of business with what he said and wrote about the Roadster, that’s how much power he wields. And that really would be rip-roaringly hilarious, wouldn’t it?