Happy New Year and all that. Over the break I was lucky enough to see BMW’s new light commercial vehicle in the metal and very impressive it was too; please see exclusive scoop pic below.

Otherwise December for me involved sticking a top box on the Disco, filling up all the seats and then going to Heathrow. That led to a sub zero wait in a tent outside the main terminal, but hey, we got on a plane and half a day later we were in one of the most wonderfully congested areas on earth, Hong Kong.

There wasn’t much in the way of driving experiences although I did travel in some rich people’s brand new Mercedes E-class and a Toyota Landcruiser, which cost roughly double the retail price over here.

Otherwise it was a wonderful opportunity to experience all the other transportation alternatives; tram, bus, ferry, minibus, coach, train and cable car. Plus there were LPG powered Toyota Crown taxis which were cheap and efficient and just like the ones they have in Tokyo.