Happy New Year and all that. Over the break I was lucky enough to see BMW’s new light commercial vehicle in the metal and very impressive it was too; please see exclusive scoop pic below.

Otherwise December for me involved sticking a top box on the Disco, filling up all the seats and then going to Heathrow. That led to a sub zero wait in a tent outside the main terminal, but hey, we got on a plane and half a day later we were in one of the most wonderfully congested areas on earth, Hong Kong.

There wasn’t much in the way of driving experiences although I did travel in some rich people’s brand new Mercedes E-class and a Toyota Landcruiser, which cost roughly double the retail price over here.

Otherwise it was a wonderful opportunity to experience all the other transportation alternatives; tram, bus, ferry, minibus, coach, train and cable car. Plus there were LPG powered Toyota Crown taxis which were cheap and efficient and just like the ones they have in Tokyo.

Densely populated areas should always be easy to navigate around. When I lived in London I was never more than five minutes away from the Underground, which was convenient.