5995 is the most exciting number in the motoring world at the moment. With a pound sign in front of it, this is apparently cheaper than chips, making it the most affordable car on sale in the UK. Oh and the car in question is a Dacia something or other. 

Cheap and cheerful is a good thing. We don’t need so much stuff do we? Except that we just might. The appeal of a cheap hatch is obvious, what with a warranty and the new car smell. However, I thought low spec cars meant low profits and significantly low sales. 

Apparently we like toys in the UK and presumably buyers will up spec their Dacias to Ford, Kia or Vauxhall levels.

That’s Renault’s worry, I don’t care, all I care about is that £5995 may be better spent elsewhere. I think a lot of people getting over excited about the price are never likely to buy one. However, they might be tempted to get one for their nanny.

It would be stupid and not strictly correct to compare a new Dacia with a used M3, but hey, it’s loads more fun and I’ve seen a 2004 for that money. Jags are everywhere so a big Home Counties XK, but with a Supercharger, is easy enough to pick up as a 2001.

I am personally warming to the Mercedes CL500 as my next set of wheels and these are now around £5000 for the four-eyed ones.