It’s that time of year again when old crocks will be making their way from Hyde Park Corner to the south coast in the interests of proving that not all old cars are rubbish.

On Sunday I will be firing up my own 1899 steam powered Cropley Gadabout, to join in with all the old timers. I would appreciate a cheery wave from any of you en route and I’ll sound the old girl’s klaxon in return.

It got me thinking that with the Leaf about to be crowned car of the year, without ever having been bought or used by anyone, all cars by the end of next year will probably be electric. That means that petrol and probably diesel will be an anachronistic oddity, just like my Gadabout.

So with a few gallons of the old fossil fuel being kept at the Science Museum it will be down to us at Autocar to organise a reliability run for the old fangled 'fossilers' to remind everyone what noisy, smelly, powerful and sometimes dangerous cars were all about.

With that in mind I am making sure that Wankel -  a proper old Ro80 of course - a sundry Rover V8s, a Jag V12, Ferrari V12s and BMW 6s will all be on the run. Indeed, I’d like you to tell me what engines you will be bringing with you so that I can get the list filled in. Diesels welcome of course, especially V10s.