It’s winter, the nights are drawing in and it’s a great time for sorting out your motoring magazines. As most of you lot are iPadding and Apping your way through digital content, I put my thermals on and got in the loft to look through my grown up periodicals.

I’ve got just about every mag I’ve been in although I have been trimming them down recently because although there are RSJs up there in the roof space, it is clearly starting to buckle. I find it almost impossible to throw a decent or even indecent car mag away, but I would appreciate any advice on how to cull my collection.

But what a collection. I’ve got early ‘60s Autocars and Motors which have got great big adverts on the front page. You lot would moan for Britain if they did that now.

Bikes from the 1970s is brilliant, even though there are no cars in them and the popularity of Custom Car is unfathomable now until you get to the centre spread. Car and Car Conversions was utterly brilliant, essentially Car Mechanics for the cool kids.

As for the ‘80s, well that’s more Autocar, and the bit where we joined up with Motor, not forgetting the long dead Fast Lane and Performance Car.