To paraphrase the magnificent Michael Winner: ‘Calm down, dears, it was only a blog.’

All I said was that I didn’t rate Fiats, which - as this is still a free country - I am entitled to do. Any kind of prejudice is often irrational and inexplicable, but I did at least provide a bit of evidence for why I wasn’t exactly in love with them.

To read exactly what I said, click on my previous blog - Fancy a Fiat? Or Elle Macpherson?

Still, it seems my little jokes didn’t seem to go down very well – a shame, as all I wanted to do was lighten up everyone’s Friday. It certainly was not my intention to ignite the website.

Indeed, there are far easier ways of provoking everyone, but I intend to do a ‘Climate change is bunkum’ piece this Friday…

Personally, I have nothing against the fine people who run Fiat, or those who toil away inside their showrooms. Like most of us I find the 500 very pretty and certainly much cuter than a Mini. Scrolling back through all the articles I’ve written over the years across a broad range of publications, I’ve also actually been quite keen to recommend pre-owned Fiats, especially Multiplas and Pandas.

Anyone looking for a conspiracy theory to explain away my blog has picked on the wrong hack. I don’t do launches, don’t run long-termers and exist in the unglamorous backwater that is the used car market. So there’s no axes to grind and no PRs to snuggle up to -  just one miserable, middle aged, malcontent who gave his nurse the slip and found an unattended laptop to play with.

I am delighted to discover that so many of you have excellent experiences of owning and driving Fiats.

However, that doesn’t alter the fact I still don’t like ’em.

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