A filthy, underhand speed camera did the dirty on me over the Christmas holidays, while I was innocently minding my own business in our Skoda Superb. Oh, the injustice of it.

What’s 6mph between friends? And anyway, by the middle of March I’m due to have a clean licence for the first time in at least 15 years and didn’t fancy taking another fixed penalty hit.

So I was, of course, delighted to be offered the choice of a new-fangled ‘speed awareness workshop’ instead of copping the three points. You still have to cough up £60 to attend but, providing you behave yourself and pay attention in class, your licence doesn’t take a battering. That’ll do me. Where do I sign?

Off to Bristol at the end of last week, then, for my re-education in the evils of speeding courtesy of the Speed Choice driver education programme, on behalf of Somerset County Council.

If I’m honest, expectations for the day weren’t high, but I was more than ready to be patronised by a smug copper for three hours in lieu of taking those three penalty points. The cheeky rebel in me even chose our Mitsubishi Evo X long-termer for the drive down.