The truth is, boring colours are best. Unless you want to torpedo the future value of your car or chances of selling it, then grey, silver grey, stardust silver rather than metallic heliotrope orange is the preferred option. But why so boring?

With the resurgence of white as a socially acceptable colour, surely we can now embrace something even more exciting: racing colours. Personally I do favour the fag packet liveries - Gold Leaf Team Lotus, JPS, Embassy Hill, Rothmans Porsche.

As for nicer smells, there was the Yardley McLaren and the wonderful blue and red Gulf. Mind you the McLaren Marlboros were great, too. The original purity of the Cooper stripes.

Of course you can wrap a car in just about anything these days including your face, which is a pretty frightening thought. But those chrome wraps and colours are all pretty funky. Which begs the question: just what colours would you, or do you wrap your car in?

As for me, the old Land Rover is currently sporting some green garden mold, which I believe isn’t yet available as a wrap. Then again there are two inches of mud on the Jag and a heavy dusting, of er, dust, on the Disco.

So what colour is your car at the moment and just what would you want to wrap your motor in this bank holiday?