This week’s Christ-on-a-bike moment was the news of a single CCTV camera by Clapham South tube station in south London. Apparently the camera was aimed at a roadside spot near the tube station where drivers often drop off their passengers.  In the first three months of operation, the camera fined 2341 motorists which, at the full fine of £100, is an annualised rate of £930,000.

The camera was erected by Wandsworth Council who didn’t add CCTV warning signs. However, the council says that the ‘Traffic Management Act’ doesn’t require it to install warning signs.

Locals say that the stretch of pavement the CCTV camera is monitoring is marked by a single yellow line but seems to have become part of a very extended bus stop. There’s also said to a sign announcing time limited ‘controlled zone’ parking, adding to the confusion.

Locals have a point. The roads have become a hideous mess of the coloured boxes and lines. Over the years regulation upon regulation has made the average busy street an obstacle course of regulation. Why do we have single and double yellow lines and single and double red lines? If the single red lines are only ‘live’ at certain times, how can a driver be sure of seeing the warning sign?