As the driver of a current 5 Series, an E61 520d Tourer, yesterday’s reveal of the new saloon has an extra edge of intrigue on top of my usual professional journalist’s interest.

From what I’ve seen so far, I’m pleasantly impressed with the price/equipment details on the 520d, the best-selling model in the UK.

Standard leather as standard is a welcome step forward. Dakota leather is currently a £1315 option on the SE, even though the new list price is only going up by about £600 more. So that’s good.

But as every 5-Series driver with his/her car on a company lease like ours, will know the devil is going to be in the detail of the rest of the spec.

On that basis, my back-of-a-fag packet calculation reckons standard leather will save around £17/month on a 36 month lease. Very good.

There’s also talk from BMW of better residuals on the new 5, which will also have a beneficial effect on monthly rates. Although as yet my fleet contacts can’t get exact residuals.

Not so good is the news that the bundled sat-nav offer — tied to the E60/61 run-out — will end. Not surprising of course, but the net effect will be to push leases upwards.