I live in one of the most marginal constituencies in the country. I was quite sure which way I was voting, but this morning’s surprise in my inbox has sealed the deal for all time.

I was sent a black and white scan of a penalty charge notice from Transport for London, something I’ve never seen before. Apparently, ‘Transport for London had reasonable cause to believe’ that I had trampled all over Contravention code 31 by ‘entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited’.

Driving error

It’s clear that this junction at the southern edge of London’s Battersea Bridge has become a cash-cow for TFL. The nearby Albert Bridge is closed until summer 2011, so all the traffic heading north of the Thames has to squeeze onto the bridge’s single north-bound lane.

I rang TFL to ask how two grainy black and white images were evidence of stopping in a box junction. The chap on the end of the line told me that I could go to Croydon to watch the film of my offence or send TFL £10 in exchange for a DVD copy of the film.

Drivin error overview