When your vehicle refuses to fire up at 3.30am in the morning (as happened to me on Tuesday) you do begin to have some very dark thoughts. Like what you should replace the offending non-starter with.

After all, I’ve owned plenty of cars that have never failed to start, or to proceed for that matter. Which as a train of thought took me onto what are the best real world used cars ever.

Autocar asked me to do the ‘best used cars ever’ feature some years back, so I should have done it by now. Obviously I haven’t, because to me the answer to the question, ‘What is the best used car in the world ever?’, is so obvious. It’s the Mk 2 Golf. There.

OK, a BMW E34 is hard to overlook when you need a classy exec in the drive. And there are many advocates for the W124 but, let’s face it, it isn’t as groovy to drive as the Bimmer. Many would also make a strong case for the Toyota Corolla, a car built during a period when the company could genuinely do no wrong. But that would be far too boring.

No, the very best real world used car ever was clearly the Mk 2 Golf. They haven’t made any since 1992, yet you still see loads of tidy ones around. They are practical, tough and look so damned solid. I do want one again, but only after the car that didn’t start last Tuesday completely gives up.