I learned the other day that BMW has just sold its two millionth motor. In fact, the first car officially sold by BMW and not the previous Concessionaires was on 1 January 1980 and it was an E12 5-series saloon. No specification I’m afraid, don’t know whether it was a rubbish 518, or a fruity 528i, the M535i was a while away.

And just in case you wondered what the two millionth BMW was, well, its another 5 Series. The lucky man is Ken Haynes, from Wolverhampton, who said: “I’m delighted to find out I’m the two million man for BMW. The BMW 530d Gran Turismo is the perfect car for me as I like the space, versatility and high standard specification. I run an engineering business under my own name and being able to have a luxury car that allows for large items in the boot is the perfect combination.”

I’m glad he’s happy and it is nice to hear a few words from Steve Mills, Dealer Principal at Benham BMW: “Ken’s been a delight to deal with and is just the sort of person who buys a BMW 5-series Gran Turismo; he’s someone who used to drive Mercedes and lately was in a Volkswagen Phaeton, but has now moved to BMW. Clearly BMW products are the way forward for the Haynes household, as a Mini Countryman also sits on the drive.”