I love football. I also love cars. And sometimes it is fun to combine the two.

During the World Cup I will obviously be interested in my own nation’s games, plus some others from a football purist's point of view. However several games, say Switzerland vs Hounduras in Group H, aren’t going to get me very excited. Unless...

Let's imagine if each nation was in fact represented by the used car that suits it best. Then I could complete my World Cup wallchart with glee.

Yes, car hating Switzerland would be represented by the Smart they designed, and motor industry-free Houndras can have a Beetle, as imported several decades before from Brazil.

So here is how I think each country will be represented. Let me know if you agree?

Group AFrance – Citroen Xsara. It is a bit dull, but they are cheap and cheerful.South Africa – Golf Mark 1, or the the Citi as it was badged.Mexico – New Beetle. I’ll pick the new one to set it apart from Honduras.Uruguay -  Renault 9, as they have made Renaults there for years.

Group BArgentina – Vauxhall Corsa, although as built by the Argies it was badged as a Chevy Corsa.Nigeria – Peugeot 504, It really could not be any other vehicle it is so African.South Korea – Hyundai Elantra. Just sums up old school Koreans, and its not a Pony.Greece – Mercedes G Class, built under licence by a company called Elbo, I think.