Psst! Wanna go to an auction? Not just any old auction, but an auction workshop where you'll see how everything operates, where the cars come from, how to check ‘em, when to bid workshop, courtesy of the UK’s leading company, Manheim.

Course you do. Here’s a great chance to learn about auctions and get some vital pub ammo when you can come over as all cool and savvy about the best way to bid and buy at trade prices. The evening is also topped off with a real auction where, if you are feeling confident, then it’s possible to drive home in a new set of wheels.

As you are an forumer you get preferential treatment too as spaces are limited to 20 per venue and I’ll be at one of them.

Simply contact Manheim’s to book your place at the following locations.

-          Colchester:         Thursday, 10 March at 4:30 pm -          Manchester:        Tuesday, 15 March at 4:30 pm -          Knottingley:        Thursday, 17 March at 4:30 pm -          Birmingham:        Monday, 21 March at 12:00 noon -          Glasgow:             Friday, 25 March at 11:30 am -          Wimbledon:         Friday, 22 April at 9:30 am And after you’ve booked your place do let everyone know your experiences of scratching your nose and bagging yourself a 200K mile Cavalier when you really didn’t want one.