Years back, I was fortunate enough to see a 1986 Aston Martin Zagato being built. Its creator was bashing out an aluminium front wing with a hammer, using a tree-stump as a former. They really did hand fashion alloy-bodied cars at Zagato back then, just as they had for decades before, and it was quite a sight.

So was the resulting V8-based Aston, whose nose was dominated – or ruined, depending on your aesthetic sensibilites – by the appearance of the improbably large bonnet bulge required to house the car’s Weber carburettors.

Aston V8 Zagato

It was not a pretty car, the V8 Zagato, and certainly not the sublime creation that its predecessor, the DB4 GT Zagato, was.

Aston DB4 GT Zagato

But it was partly as an attempt to renew the association with the famous Italian coachbuilder that the 1986 Aston Zagato was produced, and to mark 50 years since that first DB4 GT Zagato was made that this latest Aston Zagato has emerged, as a design project shared by Aston and the Milanese coachbuilder.