There’s been a lot of media talk about the death of the high street this week. A tall woman with a red hairdo says it’s doomed unless there are jugglers, human statues and market stalls. Apparently.

Well, you can blame world wide webbery a bit, the big evil supermarkets too, but mostly I blame the council.

If you want to pop to the local shops, you should of course walk or take the push bike – unless you want to something more than a newspaper and a pint of milk, in which case you are going to need a car.

Except that there are double yellows, permit restrictions, pay and displays and other local government initiatives, so you are not going bother. No, you are going to drive out of town to that retail park which got planning permission from the council.

So there: it’s all the fault of the council and the landlords and probably Amazon too.

If the high street is dying, most car dealers having left decades ago, do we still need out-of-town car showrooms? What’s the point? Shouldn’t they come to you?

I do believe that the whole car dealership concept needs a major rethink. Do you agree, or am I madder than a bossy red-headed dame?