Fiat’s new Fiorino Qubo has reignited my love of really silly vehicle names. I’m sufficiently sad even to have a list of the strangest (on which the Qubo now resides) but I wonder if anyone else may be able to add further to it?

Fiat10 Just to give you an idea of the standard, the Chrysler Imperial LeBaron doesn’t even get on the score sheet.

The Frisky Friskysprint is getting there but the real humdingers are all Japanese. A (very) small selection include the Suzuki Van Van (not that funny until you learn it’s a motorbike), the Isuzu Big Horn, Yamaha Pantryboy Supreme, Subaru Sambar Dias Astonish!! and Mazda’s holy trinity of the Bongo Friendee, Carol MeLady and Proceed Marvie Will Breeze.

They are eclipsed only by Mitsubishi with its quite extraordinarily funny Canter Guts and the unapproachable Mum 500 Shall we Join Us?

Will anyone take up the challenge? Cars, vans, bikes and concepts are all eligible. And if, in the meantime, anyone can tell me where I can find a Horsey Horseless, I’d be very much obliged.



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