And so this week’s DAFTAs are;

Honorary Rolling Stone of the week; Ron DennisRon Dennis introduced himself to the world of supercar makers this week, and proved that he is a man of wealth and taste by describing a rival vehicle as; “A complete piece of junk.” He then went on to elaborate on his opinion of the Bugatti Veyron with more clinical, eloquent precision by saying; “It’s pig ugly.”Ever the consummate professional, Ron is then rumoured to have told the reporter at Arabian Business magazine that “anyone who buys a car like this is right muppet. What’s the point in trying to sell a mid-engined road car that costs so much money and does three times the speed limit anyway” asked Mr Dennis. To which the reporter had no reply.

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Itchy chin of the week; Peugeot to “reinvent” the GTi (again)According to Peugeot’s brand director, Jean-Marc Gales, all future Peugeots will be known for their “precision, allure, style, driver control and excellence.” Which would tend to indicate that all previous Peugeots, certainly those from the last 10 years, have been known for their “numbness, dullness, lack of class, waywardness and general rubbishness.” If so, it’s a bold way to treat your heritage. Oh yes, and the very best of luck, Monsieur “laughter” in your attempt to make the 208 GTi better to drive than a Renault Clio Cup.

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Rare opportunity of the week; seat at Renault F1 available, perhaps one should apply?Renault’s new Russian F1 driver, Vitaly Petrov, has apparently been asked to lose weight by his team, and in the meantime they’re looking for a lighter wheelman to take his place. I wondered about applying for the job myself, actually, but then realized that I may be too narrow to fit the car. Ah well, another opportunity wanders on by.

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Gift of the week; special edition Jenson vs Lewis AK47 twin box set, available via the internet only at £999.99Following on from the highly successful launches of the Jenson v Lewis Marks & Spencer ‘extreme dude’ clothing line, and the Jenson v Lewis Scalextric set, comes a variation on the theme aimed more specifically at the grown up end of the market. The gift set contains two AK47 assault rifles, complete with full live ammunition, and two distinctly different fancy dress outfits. The idea of the game is for each player to select an outfit and then load up – and let rip. Spectators are advised to leave the building well before the game begins.

Most irritating web contributor of the week; HyundaiEvery time I try to negotiate my way around the site at the moment, I keep clicking on the Hyundai ad that appears to be occupying half of our home page. Which is really irritating, because then I have to unclick it to get back to where I wanted to be.Musn’t grumble however because, in a round about kind of way, we’d all be out of a job without the likes of nice Mr Hyundai paying to place their adverts on our site. So thank you for your fantastic ads, Hyundai, keep ‘em coming – and we will keep producing this site for free.

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Car of the week; Hyundai iX35And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

So until this time next week…