I trust you are as excited as I am about the prospect of Father Christmas dropping down your chimney in a few weeks time.

So I just wondered what you wanted him to bring you. I came across these groovy chairs on the web and it may well be a good idea to let your loved one know that you would sit a lot more comfortably on one of these, via www.carseatdeskchairs.co.uk.

I was so inspired by this piece of automotive art that I dug out a mini 850cc cylinder head and transformed it almost instantly into a desk tidy. Brilliant.

So I just wondered what retired car parts you have made into something more interesting. Perhaps you had a cracked V12 which is now the basis for a coffee table, for example.

Failing that, what are you asking Santa for this Christmas? I don’t want to know about that Reindeer-themed cardie your Aunt will be posting to you, but just what car related pressie are you expecting? A socket set? DAB ICE system?