What’s the point of air conditioning? Apart from the obvious, of course…

Really, it’s a waste of energy, especially as most owners don’t know how to maintain it.

A relative turned up at our place the other day with a Galaxy that had never knowingly had its air con switched on. Five years on it does not work, but he reckons opening the windows does the trick, so he’s not too bothered. He’s certainly not going to spend several hundred quid looking at the condenser, pump, driers etc.

Personally I flit from climate controlled environments to boggo, ‘heater-was-an-option’ oldsters that only have sliding windows. The old cars never seem that oppressive inside - probably because there are a lot more gaps in them. Perhaps, then, it is all the sound-proofing and padding that makes modern motors seem stuffy and muggy if the air con is off?

In which case we need a complete ventilation rethink.

With heat absorbent glass and materials, and all sorts of other clever composites, I really can’t understand why air con hasn’t been put on the back burner by more manufacturers.