Speccing up a 'virtual' Jaguar XJ (ie online, and with no hope of actually getting one) a while back I noticed the most expensive option available, depending on what spec model you opt for, was the Bowers & Wilkins sound system for £1350-2000. Could a sound system really be worth that much?

To find out, I asked Stuart Nevill, principal research engineer at Bowers & Wilkins, who supply sound systems for the Jag XK, XF and XJ, about the challenges of developing the XJ’s 20-speaker, 15-channel, 1200W system. It turned out to be quite an eye-opening conversation.

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 “If you want the perfect sound system, then you can’t have compromises, and that's not easy in a car where there are so many other must-do requirements” he pointed out. “From our point of view that means putting the speakers in optimal, prominent locations to provide ideal sound staging, complete with large grilles that don’t obstruct the sound.”