So here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2013

1 Watching how Lewis Hamilton progresses at the Mercedes F1 GP team. Will he take care of Nico Rosberg for instance? Probably. Will he help lift the team from the relative doldrums of the mid-field to the higher echelons of the F1 grid? Maybe. Will he get so fed up of watching his old cars disappear into the distance that, come mid-season, he’ll start sniffing around at Red Bull, trying to find out if Mark Webber might fancy retiring, thereby proving him with A Quick Car again? Who knows, just have to wait and see.

2 Talking of McLaren, I’m quite excited about the P1. And when I say “quite” I mean shaky hands, exploding pupils excited. The McLaren P1 will define whether McLaren Automotive is here to stay or not ultimately. Trouble is, it’ll need to take care of the rather tasty looking new Ferrari Enzo in the process, which will of course be no easy feat. If we do actually manage to put them together on the same piece of road in 2013, I think I’ll retire gracefully soon afterwards, comfortable in the knowledge that the perfect comparison taken place.

3 The BMW i8 fascinates me, not merely because it looks quite mad but also because, in a way, it really does represent the future for the motoring enthusiast. If it’s as good as certain BMW insiders say it is, it could prove one of the most influential cars of the current era – the sort of car that, in 25 years time, we look back at and say “that car changed things forever.” Or it could just be an expensive folly. In 2013 we will find out which it is.