Aston's V12 could be installed in the Cygnet city car to create a Nissan Juke R-rival
Jim Holder
26 October 2012

The Aston Martin Cygnet city car could be sold with the firm’s V12 engine if there is sufficient customer demand.

Sources suggest that a feasibility study has already been completed, and that the 6.0-litre V12 from its range-topping cars will fit the tiny city car’s engine bay without extensive modifications.

Other upgrades to allow the Toyota IQ-based Cygnet to handle the weight, horsepower and torque of the powertrain are said to be “significant but not insurmountable”. It is likely, however, that the V12 would have to be detuned significantly from the 510bhp it produces in the new DB9 and Vantage models.

The Cygnet is currently sold in one state of tune, powered by Toyota’s 97bhp 1.3-litre petrol unit.

If Aston gives the go-ahead for a production Cygnet V12 it is likely to be sold as a project car much like the Nissan Juke R has been. The Juke R, which fits the Nissan GT-R’s running gear into a Juke supermini body, sells for around £400,000. It was put into limited production, mainly for the Middle East market, following a positive reaction to the concept car’s creation.

Our Verdict

Aston Martin Cygnet

The Aston Martin Cygnet is perfect for inner-city fans of the brand. For the rest, it's an expensive and quirky distraction

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26 October 2012

isnt the engine as big as the car? lol

22 November 2012

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26 November 2012

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26 October 2012

Apart from being a novelty, what would a V12 add to this car? It wouldn't exactly turn it into a sports car.

How about developing some new cars rather than making crud like this. This will not make a cygnet desirable, just ask further questions of the person buying one. They would surely be £80k plus!

I can't believe it would actually fit when it was tight squeeze to get it in a Vantage.

Another step towards Aston simply being a joke brand or a dead brand.

26 October 2012

Is it??

I'm not sure this would do much for the Aston brand.

26 October 2012

This is obviously a joke. Are you seriously suggesting there would be a rear wheel drive front engine v12 in a Toyota iq? Firstly there is no room in the engine bay, secondly where's the transmission, prop shafts and rear differential going to fit?



26 October 2012

If it does fit, doesn't that suggest a huge amount of wasted space currenty in what it meant to be a very compact city car?

Sounds like Toyota could have chopped a foot off it's length easily.

With that amount of weight over the front wheels it also suggests it's likely to be the worlds first car to be able to do a "Stoppie".

Are you sure Aston said it would fit in the engine bay, and not that it would just fit in the car, rear mid mounted like a Metro 6R4?


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