After needing to sell the E34 BMW 5 Series to help fund my wedding earlier this year, the old-car itch became too much no sooner had the invoices for flowers and bunting stopped coming.

Much like before, I wasn't really after anything in particular, although 1990s Alfa Romeo Spiders and Audi Cabriolets were certainly a saved search. In fact, I've ended up with something completely different, and I couldn't be happier with it.

I didn't hang around with this one, though. I was next to the pool in Bali on my honeymoon, sifting through cheap cars online, when it popped up, and upon landing in the UK a couple of days later, I viewed it that same day and bought it the next.

It's a 1992 car, with 122,000 miles, although I'm told that's barely run in for one of these. Decent six-cylinder examples seemed few and far between, and the ones available were out of my price range. So, four cylinders it was, and in this case, a 1.8-litre petrol with automatic gearbox. 

Even better, the previous owner had just spent a tidy sum giving it some TLC. New discs, new rear shocks, a new exhaust and a couple of new tyres had all been fitted within the past four months. It also has an MOT ticket until next June - not bad for a final haggled figure of £1300. That's a little more than I've spent in the past, but then I'm starting with a much more solid car.