I don’t think there’s ever been a better reason to inflict one’s self with certain tinnitus than driving a very vocal hot hatch on a sunny weekend. Taxed, MOT'd and wearing a fresh coat of wax, the 182 spent most of yesterday rasping and growling through the countryside, scaring sheep and causing the ringing in my ears in the process.

If you haven’t guessed already, this means that the Clio’s 2.0-litre engine, now wearing a set of Renault ignition leads in place of the crushed aftermarket ones covered in report 2, is running sweetly. It pulls strongly all the way up to its 7000rpm redline and does a great job of impersonating a touring car at the same time. Problem one, the intermittent misfire, is fixed.

However, never expect an easy ride with a 121,000-mile-old car.