26 July 2016
Will it drift?

A Nissan GT-R - albeit a rather radically modified one - recently set the Guinness world record for the fastest drift ever recorded, at 189.5mph; scary stuff.

When it's on full boost its 4.0-litre engine makes something approaching 1400bhp, which it drives through the rear wheels to push it very, very sideways. Will it drift? Er, yes, of course, it will. But how hard is it? We speak to the team behind it, and drive it, to find out.

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bowsersheepdog 31 July 2016

Just an idea

I can see the level of achievement in accomplishing this feat, but drifting just doesn't do anything for me. It's like dressage for cars, or the automotive equivalent of Torvill and Dean. For horse-dancing read brake-horsepower-dancing.

Contrast the above events to showjumping against the clock or the downhill slalom (of neither of which could I be classed as an ardent fan, but they are definitely sport) and that is how I view drifting in contrast to rallying, where the sliding is purposed to maximize the overall momentum through the whole stage. Personally I prefer sport to dancing.

Maybe somebody should put drifting and drag racing together and come up with a proper sport which would test all the facets of motoring by having to go around a certain closed off section of road a specified number of times in the shortest possible time. I think that could possibly catch on.