21 October 2015

We know the new Porsche Cayman GT4 is a great, old-school driver's car on the road and track, but how does it fare in a drag race against the more brutish BMW M4 and Lexus RC-F and altogether more futuristic BMW i8? We joined forces with PistonHeads.com and headed to a disused airstrip in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire to find out the answer. And, with a blatant jump start out of the way, we discovered our winner in spectacular fashion...

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bezor Ta 26 October 2015

You can do better

Motor Trend manages the worlds greatest drag races with 10 cars, and they get it perfect. And you couldn't make it work with just 4 cars? No data and nobody who can use M4's LC properly?
RPrior 24 October 2015

Autocar's Video's are becoming unwatchable.

The Video as a means of imparting information is a creative art.

This video was a waste of 5 minutes.

A Pity that Steve Sutcliffe moved on, but I can understand his reasons.

Hey Guys - Find a better communicator.

Peter Cavellini 22 October 2015

And it proves........?

That, in a drag race,the beemer is nowhere,go to the twisty stuff?,and i think the Beemer would be just behind the GT4.
garydoctor 24 October 2015

Gt4 v m4

the gap would be more. Gt4 is light has close to 400 bhp. It embarrasses far more powerful cars than an m4. GT4 would kill an m4 everywhere.