25 July 2014

Steve Sutcliffe has the keys to two very fast versions of the BMW 3-series: the 435bhp petrol BMW M3 and the 345bhp diesel Alpina D3. Should you satisfy your high-performance saloon cravings with a petrol or a diesel engine? Let's find out.

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ted 3 August 2017

Alpina vs M3

Having watched this test three years ago .. I decided to give the oil burner a go ... bearing in mind my previous car was the C63AMG .. people have asked me ..if they were both on the drive and I had a choice ( what would I do ) .. my answer ... walk up to the AMG, start it , listen to the roar of the exhaust pipes, then  get in the Alpina and drive off . I can't compare the M3 to the Alpina ..but the Alpina to the AMG is streets ahead .. and I mean streets ahead . I am three months away from changing to my next car , and I have to be honest ... I'd love an M3 ...who doesn't love noise ...but my head and part of my heart says have another Alpina ...

My Facts ....  35 mpg ... tyre wear after 70,000 miles  two fronts, three rears , tyres are a pain to get, I've had to wait over a week , so I now keep a nearly worn out rear in the garage just in case . The first set of front discs needed replacing after 18,000 miles .... NOT under Warrenty .. which p'd me off, as I've never ever had to replace discs on a car that's no more than three years old ...

Oh ... and for company car drivers .. the saving is massive ( or was ) compared to the Merc ..


bowsersheepdog 2 August 2014

sauce for the goose?

so m p ross i wonder why you don't question the grip levels on the opposite sides of the road or the acclimatisation time for test 1 where the m3 was quicker? is that not also pretty poor science by your measure? it feels like your post was intended to flatter the m3.
original guvnor 31 July 2014

Keyboard test drivers strike again.

Far too many people on here pontificating about an M3 that have never driven it. Those who think it isn't the real deal - do me a favour, pick up the phone, ring your local dealer and arrange a test drive. I did. It's awesome. Until you've driven it don't post crap about a car you've got no knowledge of.

Sutcliffe doesn't like it but he didn't really like the E92 either until he found out everyone else did and then he changed his tune.

Alpina's are awesome too. Just aimed at a different user.